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Roofing Installation & Services

  • New Roofs - Quality roof construction that sets the standard for longevity and performance.

  • Roof Replacement, Retrofit & Restoration - From restoring existing roof systems and providing a watertight, warrantable system at a fraction of the cost of replacement, to retrofitting/recovering the existing, to complete replacement, Bornor Restoration will provide a solution that exceeds expectations while addressing specific needs and remaining within budget.

  • Inspection & Evaluation Services - Our roofing asset management team utilizes state of the art equipment to help determine commercial facilities roof condition, providing an invaluable tool when it comes time to prioritize capital expenditures. Visual, infrared and electrical capacitance inspection results are compiled with existing material construction information and provided in report form for future reference and expenditure prioritization. 

  • Predictive & Preventative Maintenance Programs - The key to a long-term, watertight roof system is maintenance. Just as with other building systems, a roof systems life is dependent on how well it is maintained. Bornor Restoration can provide detailed maintenance programs designed around specific needs and priorities, helping to prevent premature system failure and prolonging the life of older systems.

  • Emergency Leak Response/Repair Service - Our certified and experienced professionals are skilled in the "art" of leak detection, investigation and repair. We service all types of roof systems and provide a dependable and quality service.

Roofing Systems

Built-up Hot Applied Roofing

The original flat roofing method that consists of multiple layers of reinforcing fabric together with molten asphalt or coal tar pitch.  The basic concept of this design remains the same as it was since the first flat roofs were built.

Modified Bitumen Roofing

Asphalt modified rubber components, applied to a reinforcing fabric either polyester or fiberglass, creates a strong and durable roofing material.  It is similar to built-up roofing as it is installed using hot asphalt, torching, cold adhesive, or a self-sticking application.

LiveRoof® Vegetative Roofing

"Green" roof covering beautifies while also protecting roofs from the elements, a LiveRoof® system provides a remarkable barrier to the extreme heat of summer and bitter cold of the winter.

EPDM Single-Ply Rubber Roofing

Developed in the 60's, a sheet of rubber is loose lay applied with gravel ballast, adhered with contact adhesive or hot asphalt and mechanically fastened with screws and plates.

Slate and Tile Roofing

Slate and tile ​roofing give a unique and beautiful appearance to any structure. Proper installation and maintenance ensure the anticipated longevity this material affords.

Copper Metal Roofing

Shingle Roofing Systems

Approved applicators for many high-quality shingle manufacturers allow flexibility when choosing products for new roofs and finding color matches when needed for repairs.

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