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Concrete Restoration

Commercial - Industrial - Historical

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  • Parking Structures and Stadiums - Repair and replacement of deteriorated concrete decks. Full and shallow depth patching with high quality concrete materials. Reinforcement, expansion joints, traffic coatings, and sealers.

  • Concrete repair - Removal of the existing deteriorated concrete and saw cutting the perimeter for a proper bond of new concrete to an existing surface. High technology concrete, such as latex modified and micro-silica, are used for long lasting performance.

  • Gunite - Sprayed concrete for the hard to reach applications. Also used for pools, decorative concrete and structural repairs.

  • Expansion joints - Waterproofing joints of constantly moving concrete structures with quality expansion joint products.

  • Coatings - Protect concrete from damages due to extreme weather and rock salt or other chemical de-icing products by applying proven traffic bearing deck coatings.

  • Sandblasting - Cleaning and creating aesthetically pleasing finishes such as exposed aggregate finish of concrete. Surface preparation is essential for proper application of high tech coatings and patching materials. 

  • Sealers - Clear waterproofing sealers for masonry and concrete surfaces.

  • Decorative Coatings - Breathable coatings waterproof concrete and masonry structures while adding a finishing touch. Many types textures and colors are available.

  • Reinforcement - Post-tensioned reinforcement of parking structures and other concrete slabs and structures.

  • Epoxy Injection - Injection of epoxy resin into cracks in concrete to waterproof and weld concrete slabs together.

  • Joint Sealant - Sealing construction joints and cracks in concrete slabs.

Concrete Restoration: Services
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